How you can pay in online casinos

How you can pay in online casinos

Digital Payments & Trust

Technological advancements and a thoroughly digitalized e-commerce world have made betting and payouts easier than ever, while gaining the trust of returning players from all around the world. Although there are many horror stories circulating around the internet regarding false flag casinos and scams, it is ultimately the player’s discretion that allows him or her to make bets on a certain site. Taking the horror stories as silver lining, you should do your own research online, where there are plenty of websites that offer legitimate casino games online, while also suggesting the ones which have been blacklisted to avoid any further scams.

Online poker players, especially the top ranking ones in their country become a community or a family in their own. There is immense competition, yet mutual respect is never forfeited for a better deal. Many have their own websites or blogs which as a budding online casino maverick, you may want to check in from time to time. You may get leads on sites with better pay outs, poker news updates and any issues regarding fair play as well.

Online Portals

Most online casinos prefer betting and pay outs through PayPal. PayPal is still one of the safest and long term payment methods available, with a solid reputation to boot. If you are a little old school when it comes to trusting online payments, even with a 3-step security measure, most casinos allow wire transfers, electronic checks as well as websites that act as a buffer between you and your online casino, where they will store your money like E-Wallet and Skrill. Other than PayPal, online casino players are usually comfortable returning to their trusted sites with their debit or credit card handy. Making Visa or Mastercard deposits is as simple as ordering your favorite merchandise online. The only catch for using debit or credit is that your betting amount may be limited by your daily withdrawal limit. Nevertheless, you can transfer large amounts without paying any hidden fees. Just make sure your cards have been cleared for international transactions so they do not get blocked for suspicious activity.

Prepaid Cards

Very similar to debit and credit cards and much like a gift certificate, a tip which might help you gift your online casino playing loved one their next birthday present, prepaid cards can be replenished and reused both online or locally. You may want to check the online casino site for which prepaid card they accept, however most sites accept prepaid Visa or MaterCard. This card too needs to be cleared for online and international transactions.

Cash Transfers

A trend that has trickled in from the western hemisphere, using wire transfer services like Western Union or Money Gram is accepted by some online casinos in Asia. You might need to register a money transfer account on the website and then call their customer service or look on the website to find their money transfer details. It sounds slightly more complicated, however is a great option for senior players who are not computer savvy or comfortable using their cards online. Remember to always carry a photo ID proof for any cash transfer related service that is pertinent to your country.